A short film exercise shot as part of the HUM 275 Practical Film Producing course at Hult International Business School, Winter 2015. Students were given on-set experience as sound recordists, script supervisors, runners, lighting and camera assistants.

Written, directed, & produced by Patricia Hetherington

JAKS: Stine Olsen
STEPHEN: Arthur Verron

First Assistant Director: Candace Little
Director of Photography: Fiona Thomson
Camera Assistant: Rosie Grant
Hair and Make-up: Francesca Ioppolo
Editor: Peter Brook




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I'm delighted to be the head of makeup artist and sfx dept for CTRL film

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"DEADLINE" - Winner of Raindance 48h challenge

"The winner of this years 48 Hour Film Challenge is 'Deadline'. We selected 'Deadline' as this years due to its strong script, solid performances and powerful message. For us it is an excellent example of what can be achieved within the 48 hour time frame."


You can see the video here:




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A man is haunted by a psychopathic missing person's leaflet.
A horror-comedy short from writer-director Chris Parker.
This film was made in one month as part of Action On The Side (actionontheside.tv), November 2014.

Richard Serling: Armando Tavares Da Silva
Stan Thorwald: John Dumont
Abigail Blaine: Stine Olsen
Woman in Street: Patricia Hetherington

Writer/Director: Chris Parker
Director of Photography: Catalina Vélez
1st AC (and Dutch Title Master): Matt Thomas
Producer: Patricia Hetherington
1st AD: Cathy Kostova
Gaffer: Nathan Barker
Art Department: Geraldine Cabanero, Yuseph Bashat
Make-Up & Hair Stylist: Francesca Ioppolo
Sound Recordist: James Morgan
Continuity/Script Supervisor: Becky Brynolf
Production Assistant: Geraldine Cabanero
Editor: Catalina Vélez
Sound Design: Matthew Russell
Composer: Alastair White
Titles: Josh Pappenheim

Gaby, Charlie & George
The Morgan Family
Sophie Johnson & Adam Pearson
Everyone at Action on the Side




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