I have over ten years of work experience in the make-up industry. I’m specialized in special effects prosthetic, casualty and character make-up as well as vintage, beauty and camouflage make-up. I have an international portfolio of works. I trained and worked in Turin (Italy) and in London as a make-up artist and make-up consultant. As a professional make-up artist, I worked and taught in Santa Maria (Cabo Verde), Marsa Alam (Egypt) and Sharm el Sheik (Egypt).


Having worked in the most stylish parts the world, I understand creative vision and artistic flair, elegances, classic horror and modern trends. My vast and extremely varied work history as a make-up artist ranges from film sets, movie premiers, live music awards and fashion shows.


I highly enjoy doing thorough research for productions, so that every wound that I create will be as accurate as possible, to my knowledge and research. I work closely with cinematographers in order to see if things are working in camera, to get the best possible results. As well as this, I always keep an eye on continuity. I work very quickly in pressured situations, and always try and bring a relaxed mood to the set.




Francesca has worked with efficiency and dedication to provide everything we’ve asked of her, sometimes at short notice and with a variety of production challenges to work around. Her friendliness and positive attitude puts everyone on set at ease, yet I have yet to meet anybody sharper when it comes to getting the job done. On what are often tightly-budgeted projects, Francesca’s makeup has provided a vital touch of quality.

Several of our productions have now featured Francesca’s work. We would be delighted to work with her in the future – as I think any team would.

Colm Field


“I can’t recommend working with Francesca enough. She is talented, fast, and extremely attentive to detail on-set. I worked with her for the first time on “Alex The Vampire”, a Sony F65 Project shot at Pinewood this year. The shoot was particularly challenging from a make-up point of view, because of the 8K camera resolution that fleshes out every little detail.
But Francesca’s work was and always is excellent. She highly professional, attentive and able to provide exactly what’s needed while still respecting the budget and time-frame.
She’s a real trouper, a perfectionist in the best sense and good natured even under stress. She arrives ready and keeps her energy and passion thriving throughout very long days.”

Sara Coppola
“I highly recommend Francesca as a film and TV make up artist on future projects. We have worked together on several films and her warmth and professionalism has helped to create a calm on set atmosphere. I have seen her skills in beauty, SFx and hair all of which are of a industry standard. " Keith Wilhelm

“Francesca is a joy to have on the film set. She is a fantastic make-up and special effects artist, always seeking to create the best look on-camera. She interacts well with all members of the team, she is bubbly and jovial on set, and her passion for her job always come through. Francesca’s social media skills are phenomenal, and she will promote the project through her website, Instagram, and Twitter, and promote the film down the line.
I would always recommend Francesca for any film project, and look forward to working with her many times more.”

Patricia Hetherington